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Who are we?

Learn Global is an international consultancy agency that specializes in delivering innovative leadership solutions and services to assist its clients manage and enhance their businesses performance. With our Partners, we aspire to create a unique success story every chance we could. We have a special focus on Education and Innovation fields. 


We do our best to analyze the past, track the present, envision the future; and then explore the possibilities. Our partners' unique needs drive our persistence and thrive our motivation to achieve more. We enable our partners' capacity to find, and execute, most suitable solutions using powers and assets already exist in hand, not only out-of-the-box products.  


We believe that education is an ongoing learning process that aims to empower the learner with the necessary tools to become a life-long “leader of change” i.e. to equip him/her with the wisdom to research, implement and reflect not only the content, but also the tools he is utilizing in the process.  


We adopt a mindset that periodically adjusts the structure/system to make sure it serves the business strategy and market needs and is as simple as possible.


Every customer is a unique patchwork, and accordingly every environment has its own needs. That’s why we consider all the aspects contributing to the environment of the organization when recommending a solution. 

 We believe in differentiating the solutions among the customers and customizing these solutions accordingly. 

Establishing and operating schools

We offer a holistic project for our customers from business owners that includes starting a school from scratch. This includes all, or some according to customers needs, of the following; feasibility study, preparing the building and legal licenses, mapping the curriculum, recruiting and training staff, marketing the brand, operating and supervising the school ...etc.

Quality assurance 

We provide Cognia (AdvancED) accreditation for the schools we run. We also provide the consultation services for preparing schools for the quality assurance processes of accreditation including training the teachers and staff.

Digital transformation

The services offered in this solution track are flexible, customizable and tailored according to the needs of the schools. We offer Implementing Go Digital initiative providing the needed internet infrastructure and devices. This implementation can be among the schools scale or a certain group of students/classes or as mobile labs. We offer a professional development for teachers, administrative and IT staff in schools and universities to effectively use systems and applications for education.

Strategy and Business Intelligence

We provide an integrated solutions for analyzing, enhancing and building organization strategy. These include, as examples, assessment of the current state, revising purpose and vision, building grand strategies and a practical dashboard to follow up execution...etc. We have a special focus on building a smart business approach for our customers that includes customer-oriented branding and social engineering marketing and social media optimized management.

Our Stories

Our Network

We pride ourselves with a wide web of allies and experts all over the world that will pave the way to offer the best means of services. 

Our Team

Regarding the trainings and conferences, she attended many educational ones in different countries. She got inspired by Reggio Emilia's methodology from Italy which led her to visit the Reggio schools and attend many study groups there.
She believes that learning should never stop, that is why she’s working on her master's degree of global business in Geneva university.
Reggio Emilia expert

Sumaya York, Turkey

Throughout over 40 years as a professional educator and now an educational consultant, she has enjoyed engaging in new experiences, mentoring student teachers, guiding and training teachers, and leading school improvement initiatives to improve performance. As a former administrator, she strives to provide the very best education for all children globally by leading schools to success.
Education leadership Expert

Roswitha Schiel-Uluer, USA

With over 15 years’ experience in tertiary and corporate education, he is the founder and CEO of AQL Learning Innovation Consultancy (AQL-LIC), which provides training and consultancy in learning innovation, drawing, educational technology, memory improvement, speed/smart reading and thinking skills.
Learning Innovation Specialist

Zaid Alsagoff, Britain

After finishing e-Commerce University Degree he completed CELTA certificate, undertook a Linguistics Graduate Diploma, and completed a management Graduate Diploma. He lived and worked in Japan for three years before coming back to Australia to continue teaching in training centers and universities. Then he worked with K12 schools in both the American and British IGCSE systems in Turkey and Egypt and a variety of accreditation bodies including AdvancED (now known as Cognia), Cambridge International, Oxford AQA, and Pearson Edexcel.
Child Development specialist

Moe ElMasri, Australia

Dr. Johnson has served in a multitude of positions in education for over 40 years. She has taught from pre-school through university level during her career as an educator. Her degrees from Miami University (B.S.), Portland State University (M.S.) and University of Central Florida (Ed.D.) provided the educational qualifications for her positions as a teacher, professor, elementary principal, high school principal, and director of instruction and staff development for kindergarten through high school teachers. She has had the opportunity to serve in positions for both public and private schools which has enabled her to understand the unique characteristics of both. Her passion is to guide, coach, and encourage teachers toward higher levels of expertise. She has led professional development workshops, served as the Director of New Teacher Institutes, and presented at AdvancED and Cognia Connect Global Conferences. As a Lead Evaluator for AdvancED/Cognia, she has led educational service agency (ESA), early learning, corporation, and school accreditation reviews in the United States and internationally. Dr. Johnson is an independent education consultant.
education CONSULTANT

Barbara Johnson, USA

Google certified trainer, Project management professional, KPI professional.
After majoring in teaching English and getting a PG in Advanced Systems and Applications, he got his MSc and PhD from Malaysia on Strategy and Organizational learning. Through his 20+ year career,he founded 25 organizations including education, information technology and nonprofits.
He accredited many schools in middle east Malaysia and Africa. He published several scientific papers and taught in some universities on Education, technology and strategy.

Yasser Massoud

Driven by a visionary outlook, Asra is a self-motivated, enthusiastic, proactive educator. Qualified ESL & SAT instructor, UK-certified teacher, and IELTS trainer. With over 15 years of experience in education, she uses her expertise in all ways possible to help professionals and institutions achieve excellence. Asra has attended, organized, and conducted several professional development workshops and short courses: Teaching Business English, CTEYL, and Montessori Training. She aspires to become a renowned scriptwriter and film director.
Teacher Trainer and Academic Expert

Syeda Asra Hussain

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