This RIASEC self-assessment conducted by Learn Global is designed to help you learn more about your abilities, strengths, and skills. Let’s explore and find your career!


With the world evolving at such a rapid pace, the job market becomes increasingly complex. When students take these first few steps into the real world, they may feel easily overwhelmed as there is a lot to process. Perhaps even more challenging than all that is the inner workings of their minds, as it is difficult to know what the self truly wants. With that problem at hand, We would like to launch the Career Path Program.

We would like to connect the dots between the interests that lie within and the careers available outside. By implementing a multidimensional algorithm, the program will help guide the students into a professional niche that will let them use their skills and abilities whilst expressing their attitudes and values.

The program also takes into the account the limitations with regards to the opportunities available at this important juncture, and help guide the students to the best career path possible.

Learn more about your abilities, strengths, and skills now. Let’s explore and find your career!